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Hindu suicide bombers in Nepal alike Al-Qaeda
Kathmandu (Nepal), SVM News, June 20, 2007: Nepal defence Army coming up as suicide bombers to fight Islamic and Christian zealots and communists in Nepal. It's cadets are called as 'Parivarthan' which means change.

A Parivarthan Squad
It is a united revelutionary movement by a group of former soldiers,  former police personnels and victims of Maoist guerrillas in Nepal to organise a Hindu army of suicide bombers against Islam and Christianity.
The chief of the Parivarthan says that his band has about 1,200 trained soldiers who possess arms and have the expertise to manufacture explosives.
The Chief Parivarthan was a former policeman, joined the Communist Party of Nepal-Unified Marxist Leninist as a schoolboy but has now begun waging war on his former comrades.
A Nepali tabloid carried an extensive interview with the shadowy leader on last wednesday, saying he had walked into the tabloid's city office to talk about his organisation.
Earlier this year, the Nepal Defence Army made its debut with a couple of blasts, including at the well-guarded office of the Maoists in Kathmandu.
"Nepal Defence Army has been founded to fight for Hinduism," Parivartan told Nepali weekly Ghanata R. Bichar. "Hindus worldwide support us, including the families of top Maoist leaders. Our soldiers are being trained across the border in India and we get the ingredients for manufacturing explosives from India."
"We are not funded by the palace, and also we have no connections with King Gyanendra. If the King had tried to promote Hinduism and Nepal as a Hindu state, we wouldn't have to wage our war. We don't dabble in politics. Our sole aim is to form a Hindu state." he said.
Parivartan told, "Our movement didn't want bloodshed. The bombs we threw at the Maoist office were intended as a warning and not to kill. And I stopped plans to assassinate Maoist chief Prachanda and Maoist minister Dev Gurung. But if the warning  is not taken seriously, the eight-party ruling alliance can suffer serious losses."
The shadowy leader held Maoists as their main enemy.
"During their 10-year war, the Maoists destroyed and desecrated temples and attacked Hindu priests," he said. "But they never destroyed any church or mosque."
However, he added that Maoists' families still remained devout Hindus.
"During the civil war, Prachanda's mother would wake up early in the morning and offer water to the sun god to pray for her son's safety," he said. "It shows they are Hindus and would support Hinduism."
"The Maoists had also begun in a small way," he said. "We learnt how to make bombs from Prachanda's teachings."
"We have trained five suicide bombers who can go anywhere, including Singh Durbar, which is the heart of administration in Nepal, where the prime minister's office, key ministries and parliament are located."
"We train suicide squads as  Al Qaeda does," he added.
Christian ministers and missionary activities will have to face more troubles and persecutions in Nepal on the coming days. An underground pastor of the SVM told to Rev. Paul Ciniraj, the Director of the Salem Voice Ministries.
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