The Venus Factor Review

After thorough research on the part of famous fitness couch and nutritionist John Barban, the Venus Factor was created as a 12-week weight loss program designed specifically for women. John recognized that many women who were unable to lose the pounds were suffering from low levels of Leptin, an essential hormone that controls a women’s ability to lose weight and stay fit.

workoutJohn structured a weight loss program that would fix the hormone imbalance through diet, while offering a customizable exercise program and support network. This program offers women a chance to reverse their Leptin imbalance and approach life in the healthiest way possible, through a sustainable diet and exercise program.

What Are The Components?

There are three major components to the program, all of which approach lifestyle changes from different angles:

1) Diet and Nutrition

The Venus factor system offers an application for all of its members to help them follow comprehensive nutritional guidelines. While it tracks traditional recommendations for levels of carbohydrates, sodium, and fat, it also tracks your intake of Leptin to ensure that you are fixing the hormone imbalance, not just addressing the symptoms.

This app also provides recipes and meal plans for those who are seeking assistance in kick starting their new healthy lifestyle. One of the more difficult changes comes from learning to prepare and enjoy new foods, so this app simplifies that process to encourage success.

Women have been thrilled to find that there are few restrictions in this weight loss program, and that it encourages moderation more than anything else. John designed this program to be sustainable and it shows in an approach that is sensible and attainable.

2) Flexible Fitness Programgroceries

Of course, this program includes exercise, however; there is no need to feel as though you need to jump in to extensive workouts right away. With over 140 instructional videos for beginners to advanced users, you are able to choose a routine that will not stress your body.

All videos are equipped with systematic instructions on how to do lower impact versions so that you can work up to the more challenging material.

It includes both cardiovascular and strength training routines that will show you how to target specific muscle groups as well as hold a proper form to ensure your safety.

3) Community Support

Research has found that people are more able to meet their goals if they choose a weight loss program together, but this is not always an option. This program circumvents this issue with a thriving online community of women who are experiencing the same weight loss challenges. With easy access through mobile and desktop, this private online community provides women with an opportunity to share their triumphs and struggles with each other.

You will also have access to a motivational podcast to ensure that you keep a positive mindset. It is difficult to make this sort of life change and become healthier, and the support that is provided with the program can make the process far more manageable for any woman that is struggling.

Money Back Guaranteewoman scales

This product has helped thousands of women find hormonal balance and reach their fitness goals, however; it is not for everyone. This program is not a miracle cure for weight loss; it is a full lifestyle change that must be committed to fully to see the results you are seeking.

For those who try this program and find that it is not the change you are looking for, you are able to request a 100% refund within 60 days and receive your money back without questions.

The Venus Factor Review Final Verdict

If you are committed to changing your lifestyle, this program is the best option for achieving your goals. With its multi-pronged approach to a healthy lifestyle, it offers a comprehensive system that will ensure a change in your health and fitness level.

The system walks you through the entire process so that you can fully incorporate these changes into your life during the program AND after the twelve weeks are over. They prepare you for the future, teaching new routines that will allow you to maintain your fitness level.

For those who are seeking a new mindset about weight loss, the Venus Factor diet will offer a sustainable approach to your health.

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