The Venus Factor Review

As a nutrition and exercise program, the Venus Factor diet system is specially designed for women to help them safely lose weight whilst maintaining an attractive feminine body shape. The program is designed to take advantage of your body shape and size to generate custom guidelines that match your current lifestyle and fitness level, including custom nutrition software to issue daily and weekly guidelines for food choices, as well as calories and macronutrients. In addition, the program offers sample meal plans, with guidelines to help you customize it to fit into your current lifestyle.workout

What Is The Venus Factor?

In addition to the custom nutrition software and program, it also includes a comprehensive, complete body workout program that offers cardiovascular and muscle strengthening toning benefits that many women will find fulfilling. Moreover, it also features a custom mobile app and private customer community to help customers share their experiences and learn from each other’s experiences while also tracking their progress.

Users can access the whole program from their mobile devices, from anywhere in the world. The program, guidelines, information, and support community, are all at your fingertips and you can access them from the comfort of your living room sofa, in the gym, or on the go; it offers great flexibility for the user.

What Are The Components?

The program can be categorized into 3 major steps:

  1. Custom nutrition program and guidelines

This program includes an instructional manual alongside custom nutrition software specially designed to provide nutrition guidelines and valuable recommendations based on your weight, height, body shape, age, and current fitness activity level, including daily food choice recommendations, daily and weekly calorie goals, sample meal plans, and guidelines on essential macronutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

groceriesThe one unique feature about the program is that your nutritional recommendations are not static; they will change with your body throughout the entire program. In the process of using the program, you may refer to it once a week for your nutritional guidelines to help you give your body what it needs with each week’s progress.

  1. Structured Program

The Venus Factor system also includes a full body workout program designed to work well with the custom nutrition guidelines and current fitness level of the user. The workout is created with multiple full body workouts per week designed to offer a cardiovascular and muscle toning benefits. A complete exercise video database containing 140+ instructional videos is also included to help guide the user, helping you learn proper form and muscles that each exercise targets. Moreover, the exercise progresses with the nutritional program as the user progresses from week to week.

  1. Community Support and Mobile Access

It also has a custom mobile application that gains you access to the entire nutrition and exercise program system, all on your mobile device. You will also gain access to a private online community of Venus Factor Members. Once you have access to other Venus Factor members through the private community, you will be able to learn more from other members and share your experiences. The private community is a secure and good source of motivation and moral support that most women will find invaluable and critical to achieving their weight loss goals on a nutrition and fitness program.woman scales

Money Back Guarantee

When you purchase the product and realize that it is not what you really wanted, or are unhappy with it for any reason, you can just send an email within a period of 60 days of purchase and you’ll instantly be issued with a 100% refund. No questions asked. Some people may purchase the product, but don’t experience a life changing fat loss journey, or find that the product is nothing like what they’ve tried before. In that case they can simply send an email within 60 days and receive your 100% refund.

The Final Verdict

Combined with a healthy lifestyle, this Venus factor review believes the program can help women achieve effective weight loss and experience a realistic and manageable rate of weight loss. While results may vary, every woman who uses the program experiences some progress. The program offers a 3-step approach to achieving weight loss goals. However, if the workouts are too challenging you can follow the information and lessons within the program to do some modifications and substitutions to this workout program to ensure that it matches your current fitness level. >>Click To Visit The Official Site And Get Started Today<<

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