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About Salem Voice Ministries

"Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost; teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you; and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen" (Mt 28:19-20).

The SALEM VOICE MINISTRIES give all the glory and honour to God - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. It is a registered Society  in India, praying for others as well as working for the peace on earth through charities, child care and relief services.

The Salem Voice Ministries established on 1983 by the name "Injil Ministries Alliance Mission" alias "IMAM Gospel Mission". Many years it was involved with conducting Gospel campaigns under the leadership of Paul Ciniraj Mohamed throughout India by the name "IMAM Gospel Campaigns" in co-operation with churches and prayer fellowships of various denominations. Main preachers of the campaigns were converted Christians from Muslim and Hindu backgrounds. Thousands upon thousands inspired and accepted Jesus as personal saviour from those campaigns. The name of the mission has been changed as "SALEM VOICE MINISTRIES" on 1995.

We spread the Gospel in India and the third world nations, especially among Muslims to win souls unto the redeeming love of Jesus Christ as an inter-denominational and evangelistic mission. we love Jesus. He is our Lord and Saviour, from whom all Goodness and Salvation comes. His Name is above all names. Our ministry is fully based on the Bible; for the Bible is the final authority of our faith and life.

There are about 430 missionaries working for the Lord, and 291 home churches (213 in India and 78 in other countries) gathering every week to pray and worship under the label of Salem Voice Ministries in the different parts of the third world nations.

We do charitable works by giving education to the poor children; running orphanages; building  houses for homeless; supplying medicines, clothes and food for the needy; establishing mobile dispensaries for the slums, interior villages and hill places.

‘The  Worldwide Daily Chain of Prayer’ is the intercessory project to pray and encourage people for those who are in need of prayers. We also pray for protecting everybody from peaceless, uneasiness, natural calamities, terrorism, wars etc. And a monthly prayer bulletin published in the language of Malayalam since last nine years.

Evangelism and House Church

At any cost we share the redeeming love of Christ, especially to the people of India and the third world countries through charitable, child care, and relief services. We do personal evangelism as Emmaus style of our Lord, postal evangelism, correspondance courses, conducting seekers conferences, Bible classes, cross cultural training Gospel campaigns, retreats and establish home churches. We also uphold underground evangelism ministries in  the unreachable areas, especially to the Muslim dominated areas and nations.

We establish the institution of Good News libraries, print and distribute tracts and other literature. We are sending out missionaries and mentoring successors. We pray and plan to establish a Bible College for the Third World Countries to be sent out missionaries for sharing the Good News and the redeeming love of Christ. Also we have a great desire in our Lord Jesus Christ to translate Bibles in the languages of Africa, Middle East, India (certain dialects in India still don't have Bibles), Indonesia etc.

Charities, Childcare and Relief Service

We run orphanages and village schools for the children; and adult educational centres for the illiterates. We run computer schools for the youth, tailoring and binding schools for the widows and poor women. We provide mothly scholarship for the poor nursing students as well as university and technical students to complete their studies. We need to do more because we find many students discontinue their studies without completion because of unable to give fees, unable to meet personal needs and purchase study materials.

We provide artificial legs, wheelchairs, walking sticks, stretchers, earphones, braille script machines etc. for the handicapped, disabled, blind, deaf and dumb people.  We feed the poor and the children of those who are suffering of the starvation. It is "Project of One Meal a Day" for those who do not even have a capacity to get a meal for a day. Also we provide one mid day meal for the students on the class days from the canteens of the educational institutions where they study. 

We visit the prisoners in the jails. By God's grace, we're having fellowship with them, proclaiming the deliverance messages from the Gospel, giving them sweets as a token of love, and donating them Bibles. Jail wardens are amazed to see that the prisoners read and discuss each other about the stories and messages of the Bible and praying together.

The Body of Jesus Christ

As we are aware, through the love and grace of Jesus Christ, there are innumerable miracles happening across the body of Christ. We believethat the miracle working power of the Holy Spirit is still working in a magnificent way in the church. We will be capturing these testimonies of love of Jesus Christ; from the body of the church will be made available in a systematic manner. We believe, these testimonies will help the church to recharge their faith in Christ and will eventually lead them to personal relationship with our savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

There is a huge expenditure for the works of Salem Voice. We relay on God for all our needs. We need your prayers, spiritual advices and all kind of financial, and material supports for this great task. So that God may enable us to reach the unreached. We desire and pray to have buses and clinical materials for establishing mobile dispensaries for slums, hilly places, interior villages or the places where natural calamities or contagious diseases or accidents affects. We need to have a retreat House where people come and stay with the Lord for minimum one weeks retreats. We need buses for mobile dispensaries, vans (for bringing literature), mini buses (for going outreach with musical team), motorbikes (for evangelists), musical instruments, a multi unit offset press to publish literature and Bibles, Computers for the computer school, Prayer Halls, Rehabilitation Centres, and property and buildings for the Bible College.

We request your prayers, spiritual advices and all kind of financial, and material supports for this great task. So that God may enable us to reach the unreached.

Jesus Lives; Knows Your Name

(Picture shown left is one of the postcards of the Salem Voice Ministries  distributing  for the evangelisation in the language of Malayalam. Following is the message printed in the card).
Jesus is real. He knows you and loves you. He is near you, waiting you to know He is alive and willing to help you. If you ask Him to help you, He will. If you talk to Him, He will listen, and He will talk to you. He never intended for you to be alone. He has always wanted you to know Him. This is why He made you. You can trust Jesus, because to Him, friendship is deep, and loving, and eternal. He will never leave you. Just be yourself and talk to Him, and He will answer you and help you and then you can get to know Him.
Jesus' life was taken because of our sin. The veil in the temple was torn top to bottom (from heaven to earth) by God's hand while Jesus was on the cross, opening the way into God's presence. Death was required in response to sin, and it was the death of His own beloved Son that the Father witnessed and received.
Because of this loving sacrifice, the good news is that you can come to the Father and He will receive you for Jesus' sake. He loves you. You will see! Talk to Him. He will talk to you.

View the Pictures of Evangelism and the Church Planting



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