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Christoppara Mission

Christoppara Colony is situated on a rock at the border of two states in India.  More than 350 people consisting of approxiately 70 families live in this colony. "Christoppara" means 'The Rock of Christ'. Previously it was having some other name. The believers themselves changed the name as Christoppara.
All people are very very poor. They earn daily for their life. Usually they are jobless and without income for more than 15 days of a month. Most are illiterate. The way of living is not hygenic. There is no electricity, no telephone and not even to drink purified water. They drink from a country well. Tin bottle lamps and lanterns with kerosine oil are their lights.

Christoppara - a scene     Villagers of Christoppara

There was not a single believer of Jesus Christ within 20 miles of the colony. Transporting facilities are very rare to travel. By the grace of God the Salem Voice Ministries reached that interior remote area  about eight years ago. We started Bible class as well as adult education. All of them were interested and attending the classes. We provide medicines, clothes and children's education.

Family lives on the rock    Missionary team going up to the rock for reaching the Gospel    A vehicle to go for some distant. Then to walk up to the rock about four miles.

When Pastor Paul Ciniraj and family were tortured by terrorists sometime ago, they were hidden in this colony for few days and conducted a fasting prayer during those days. It was a great blessing. Almost everybody participated the fasting prayer and accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour.
Pastor Ciniraj with a family    Community Center    One of the poorest houses    

We prayed together for an Assembly Hall. Praise the Lord! One handicaped Hindu woman named Indira contributed a plot to construct an Assembly Hall about three years ago. But still we could not construct the assembly hall. We are praying to the Lord to provide needed funds to build a community center as well as a Bible School and a residence wing of the local minister.
Believers with the Bible    Believers worshipping Lord Jesus    Children attending the Sunday School

If God willing, and grant us funds, we'd like to build 70 proper houses for each of the families, a common water tank, solar electricity, a school for the children, a stitching school for young ladies, a computor centre for the youth, a community hall, pastor's residence and a building for the adult education center.
Pastor Ciniraj with the elder Anthony Dasa at his residence    Women in the village ministry    A Hindu Holy Man

We request sincere prayers and needed supports from the dedicated children of God for this project. 
We are fully convinced and faithful to say that the Salem Voice Ministries receive no financial aids or supports from any of the foreign missionary agencies and organisations. Certainly we do this ministry by faith alone. We never ask anybody to help us; but pray to God. By the guidance of the Holy Spirit, interested individuals will be helping us voluntarily with prayers and assistance. IN GOD WE TRUST. 




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