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Lahore (Pakistan),
SVM News, July 1, 2007:  Eight Islamic militants have been arrested in Pakistan on July 1st for the attack towards Christian school children and nurses on August 2002, in which 10 people were killed.
Masood Aziz, the senior police officer said, "The suspecting militants were caught by special police of Lahore city".
"We catched them when we were plotting another attack, for we had information about militants planning a serious terrorist attack in the province of Baluchistan," he told.
"The militants were supplying suicide bombers and explosive devices to Taliban fighters in neighbouring Afghanistan," an officer said to Rev. Paul Ciniraj, the Director of the Salem Voice Ministries and the SVM News Service. "They were led by the banned militant groups named Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Al-Furqan, based in Quetta of Baluchistan," police officer added.
The gang leaders are suspecting as Mufti Saghir Ahmed, a veteran of the 1980s war against invading Soviet troops in Afghanistan, and Mohammad Safeer, another militant................ (

July 1, 2007
Eight Arrested in Pakistan for Ten Christians Murdered

Gujranwala (Pakistan),
SVM news, June 27, 2007: Pakistan sessions court of Gujranwala declared invalid about the marriage of a Christian lady on 27th of June. And court ordered the police to arrest her paramour.
Irshad Bibi of Kot Paroya filed a petition against a christian named Nobel Masih that he had allegedly abducted her daughter Aasia. She also complaint in the petition that  the Ahmadnagar police had registered a case about it, but they were delaying the recovery of the abductee.
Following the petition, the court had summoned the police and ordered them to recover the abductee Aasia and her paramour Nobel Masih. On this, the police recovered them from Karachi and produced them before the court on Wednesday.
Aasia told the court that Nobel Masih had not abducted her. "I am a Christian and had contracted a marriage with Nobel Masih," she said................. (

June 27, 2007
Pak court ordered Christian girl's marriage invalid

(Paul Ciniraj Mohamed, India)
It is a great responsibility for the descendants of Abraham, especially the children of God to pray for Iraq and the innocent Christians, Muslims and all others who are being persecuted nowadays. People are under fear. Not only christians, but other innocent people also trying to flee from Iraq. Certainly Iraq was the part of our forefathers and it really makes sentiments on our faith. So it is indeed Iraq should be rebuilt in a peaceful atmosphere by the grace of God Almighty, if our Lord jesus' return is becoming late. God will do it if HIS people pray together tearfully with a sincere heart.
Israel is the nation most often mentioned in the Bible. But do you know which nation is second? It is Iraq! However, that is not the name that is used in the Bible. The names used in the Bible are Babylon, Land of Shinar, and Mesopotamia. The word Mesopotamia means between the two rivers, more exactly between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. The name Iraq means country with deep roots. Indeed Iraq is a country with deep roots and is a very significant country in the Bible.
Persia was in the location of modern day Iran. Assyria and Babylon are in different parts of modern day Iraq............ (

June 27, 2007
Iraq in the Bible; Pray for Iraq to be rebuilt peacefully

Pastor Johannes LerleErlangen (Germany), SVM news, June 26, 2007: A German court sentenced a 55-year old Lutheran pastor in jail on June 14 for opposing abortion (Volksverhetzung, which means incitement of the people).
Pastor Johannes Lerle was sentenced to prison for an year by Erlangen court in Germany for compared the killing of the unborn in contemporary Germany to the holocaust.
Without legalized abortion the number of German children would increase annually by at least 150,000, which is the number of legal abortions in birth dearth Germany. Pastor Johannes Lerle compared the killing of the unborn as the Jews were killed in Auschwitz during the Second World War.
On 14 June, the court in Erlangen ruled that, in doing so, the pastor had "incited the people" because his statement was a denial of the holocaust of the Jews in Nazi-Germany.
"Previously also he had been jailed for eight months for calling abortionists "professional killers." An allegation which the court ruled to be slanderous because the court says the unborn are not humans," a woman Pro-life activist in Germany who does not want her name to be published  told to Rev. Paul Ciniraj, the Director of Salem Voice Ministries and SVM News Service by telephone........................... (

June 26, 2007
Lutheran Pastor Jailed in Germany for Opposing Abortion

Saran (Bihar),
SVM News, June 25, 2007: A Dalit woman named Phulmati Devi, 43, was beaten to death in village Ruparhimpur in Saran District of Bihar in India on 23rd of June.
She was murdered on Saturday by two upper caste men named Dharmendra Tiwari and Guddu Tiwari for resisting the forcible harvesting of her field. Her son Bablu was also roughed up and seriously injured.
Phulmati's husband Bhagwan Chandra Paswan said to the Salem Voice Ministries (SVM) News Service that her only crime was she dared to oppose the upper caste people.
"Dharmendra Tiwari and Guddu Tiwari  were forcibly harvesting our crops from the field for years. But this time we decided to resist their move; but it cost the life of my wife," Chandra Paswan said.
"The accusers attacked me first for opposing them," Bablu, son of Phulmati and Paswan said. "When my mother intervened to save me and resist them, they turned to her and beat her to death," he added............... (

June 25, 2007
Dalit Woman Beaten to Death in Bihar

16th century Cross Chapel that was burntBrittany (France), SVM News, June 25, 2007: Seven people in between 20 to 30 years of age were arrested in connection with burning down the 16th century Chapel of the Cross at Loqueffret near the remote tip of Brittany in northwest France on Thursday, the 21st of June.
An anti christian movement named as True Armorik Black Metal (TABM) claimed responsibility for the series of attacks on Christian sites in Brittany including the Chapel of the Cross at Loqueffret near the remote tip of Brittany which left just the four walls standing was gutted on June 16.
Police officials said to Rev. Paul Ciniraj, the Director of the Salem Voice Ministries and the SVM News Service by a telephone conversation that the people of TABM forcely opened the doors of the chapel, and several original polychrome statues were destroyed.
But police did not say any further details about the arrested people.................. (

June 25, 2007
Seven Arrested in France for Burning 16th Century Chapel

SVM News, June 24, 2007: Christian victims of persecution and five widows of persons martyred for their Christian faith gathered in Bangalore on 21st and 22nd of June. A rally was also organized by the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) at MG Road, protesting the great increase in attacks against the Christian community in India. 
The participants shared their grief and agony at the kind of treatment they faced at the hands of violent mobs, who indulged in raiding homes and places of worship and showed total disregard for law or any respect for human or constitutional rights.
Dr. Sajan K. George, national president of the  Global Council of Indian Christians, said that though Christians composed less than 3 % of the country’s population their contribution of services of literacy, education, health, in areas where no one would – with the Leprosy affected, in remote tribal pockets, and among the poorest of the Poor. But still they were targeted for the worst violence like killing, public humiliation, destruction of churches and prayer halls, and exiling from the village.............. (

June 24, 2007
Indian Persecuted Christians gathered in Bangaluru

SVM News, June 24, 2007: A pastor and evangelist of the Bible Teachers International Ministry in Jamaica murdered in his house at Shortwood Drive in Kingston on June 23.
Pastor Andrew Lawrence of 40 years old was found dead by a member of the congregation of his church on Saturday in his bed.
Particular church member came to visit the pastor in his home on that morning..
Corporal Lancelot Tyrell, the CCN Liaison Officer of the Police told to the Salem Voice Ministries (SVM) News Service that the dead body of the pastor shows several stab wonds. It is clear that he has been stabbed to death. 
"Police were alerted and upon the arrival of the investigators the body was found with multiple stab wounds," Lancelot Tyrell said................ (

June 24, 2007
Pastor stabbed to death in Jamaica

Pathanamthitta (Kerala, India),
SVM News, June 21, 2007: Joy Anthariyeth, 52, who was a strong worker of alcoholic prohibition movement and a Christian prayer team murdered on 15th of June at Konny in Pathanamthitta District of Kerala State in India.
The dead body was found at kavil junction nearby a bridge of a rivulet at Thannithodu.
Joy was a member of the action council to shut down the alcoholic toddy shop of Thannithodu. And also he was one of the active members of the SVM Prayer Fellowship. 
Joy was brutally murdered when he was going back home on Friday night after attending a prayer meeting.
Police officials told Rev. Paul Ciniraj, the Director of the Salem Voice Ministries and SVM News Service that Joy was threatened several times by the toddy shop authorities for leading the agitation against the toddy shop for shutting it down............... (

June 21, 2007
Alcoholic Prohibition and Christian Prayer Team Worker Murdered in Kerala:

Kathmandu (Nepal),
SVM News, June 20, 2007: Nepal defence Army coming up as suicide bombers to fight Islamic and Christian zealots and communists in Nepal. It's cadets are called as 'Parivarthan' which means change.
It is a united revelutionary movement by a group of former soldiers,  former police personnels and victims of Maoist guerrillas in Nepal to organise a Hindu army of suicide bombers against Islam and Christianity.
The chief of the Parivarthan says that his band has about 1,200 trained soldiers who possess arms and have the expertise to manufacture explosives.
The Chief Parivarthan was a former policeman, joined the Communist Party of Nepal-Unified Marxist Leninist as a schoolboy but has now begun waging war on his former comrades.
A Nepali tabloid carried an extensive interview with the shadowy leader on last wednesday, saying he had walked into the tabloid's city office to talk about his organisation................. (

June 20, 2007
Hindu suicide bombers in Nepal alike Al-Qaeda

Orang Asli Church demolishedGua Musang (Malaysia), SVM News, June 19, 2007: Malaysian Government authorities emolished a Christian Church building in an Orang Asli settlement in Gua Musang in Ulu Kelantan on June 4.
Just few months ago, the Orang Asli community in Kampung Jias converted into Christianity as a result of the ministries of Pastor Moses Soo. And they were in need of a church to worship. So they consulted the Village Development and Security Committee and the Department of Orang Asli Affairs to erect a church to mark their faith.
It was sanctioned and they proceeded constructing the church with the help of volunteers and certain donations.
But on April 11, the Gua Musang district land office issued a stop work order, stated that the construction was being carried out on state land without permission from the authorities.
The following day, Rev. Wong Kim Kong, the Secretary General of the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship of Malaysia (NECF) sent a letter to the land office, said the land belonged to the Orang Asli villagers under Section 2 6(1) and 7(1) of the Orang Asli Act of 1954. And copied to the Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Kelantan Menteri Besar Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah and the Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail................ (

June 19, 2007
Government Authorities Demolished Church in Malaysia

Hazaribagh (India),
SVM News, June 18, 2007:Jeevan Munda, 35 year old tribal christian villager of Katkamsandi block in Hazaribagh district in Jharkhand State was allegedly beaten to death for an wooden cot that he had brought home.
Jeevan Munda had been gone to his inlaw's house at Patiyatari of Ichaak on Friday, June 15, from where he went missing till his body was recovered from the jungle on Saturday.
Jeevan's wife Etwaria Devi has lodged a first information report (FIR) against the forest range officer Saket Bihari and two other forest officials Durga Oraon and Devlal Mahto alleging that they killed her husband.
According to the FIR, three forest officials punished him with death after dragging him inside the Hazaribagh wildlife sanctuary in the pretext of "enquiring as to how he arranged for the wood for this bed".
Driver of forest department jeep JH02G/1958 Loknath Mahto, who has been charged in the FIR, said Munda was taken to Rajderwa forest area under Hazaribagh wildlife sanctuary and beaten up by Durga Oraon and Devlal Mahto, which resulted in his death................. (

June 18, 2007
Tribal Christian Brutally Murdered for an Wooden Cot

Salem Voice Ministries News Service
June 17, 2007
There are about One Billion Six Hundred Million Muslims all over the world. It is a non offensive responsibility  for every christians who experienced salvation  to evangelise Muslims unto the redeeming love of Jesus Christ and winning them unto His fold. 
Do not think all of the muslims are terrorists. Never. One out of 100,000 is a terrorist. In fact, the majority do not know what is real faith. Now is the time to reach them Gospel.
If we don't convey the Gospel of the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ  to the Muslims because of our prejuidice, I'd say it's one of the Satan's trick against doing our devine duty to save them from sin and iniquities to the eternal life. Bible says, "When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand. Yet if thou warn the wicked, and he turn not from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul. Again, When a righteous man doth turn from his righteousness, and commit iniquity, and I lay a stumblingblock before him, he shall die; because thou hast not given him warning, he shall die in his sin, and his righteousness which he hath done shall not be remembered; but his blood will I require at thine hand. Nevertheless if thou warn the righteous man, that the righteous sin not, and he doth not sin, he shall surely live, because he is warned; also thou hast delivered thy soul" (Ezekiel 3:18-21).
We may think it is a great risk, great task and most dangerous. No! It is easy for God. Our Lord will guide the ways and fill with the Holy Spirit for those who are having a deep burden about the lost souls.
If a spirit filled christian cannot go for evangelisation, they can continuously praying for the people of Muslim world to be saved. Prayer is the important part of the ministry. And also another important part is that you support the ministers who are involving with this great task. By your helps, you are partaking to send missionaries. That is rewardable unto God................ (

June 17, 2007
Easy for God to attract them unto Jesus; man thinks neither

Kharian (Pakistan), Salem Voice Ministries
(SVM News), June 17, 2007:A Pakistani policeman shot dead a publisher accused of blasphemy and another person at a detention centre in the town of Kharian, about 125 south-east of the capital Islamabad, officials said on Saturday.
The police constable gave himself in to his colleagues after the incident, the District Police Officer Ahsan Mehboob told the BBC Urdu Service.
'I have no regret over what I did,' said the police constable was quoted as saying.
Publisher Mian Qasim was arrested last week along with three other people in a nearby city of Gujrat over charges of printing two books that contained derogatory remarks about the Muslim Prophet Mohammed...........  (

June 17, 2007
Pakistan police shot dead publisher accused blasphemy

SVM News, June 15, 2007:Famous heart surgeon of Ireland Dr. Maurice Neligan's daughter Sara Neligan, 33, brutally murdered in Dublin on Thursday, 14 June.
A woman found her body at about 8 pm in the Winter Garden Apartment Complex at Erne Street, just off Pearse Street, near the centre of Dublin city. The alarm was raised by friends concerned that they had not heard from her.
It is believed she died of multiple stab wounds.
Her body has been removed to the city morgue where State Pathologist Dr Marie Cassidy is carrying out a full post mortem examination.
Gardaí, the force is headed by the Garda Commissioner appointed by the Irish Government, got a call shortly after 6pm and called to the apartment. A man answered the door and when gardai went inside they found her dead.......... (

June 15, 2007
Famous Heart Surgeon's Daughter Murdered in Ireland:

Montreat, NOrth Carolina,
SVM News, June 14, 2007:Mrs. Ruth Bell Graham, the wife of the world famous evangelist Billy Graham died at 5:05 p.m. Eastern at her home at Little Piney Cove, in Montreat, N.C  mountains in USA. She was 87.
"Ruth was my life partner, and we were called by God as a team," Billy Graham said in a statement. "No one else could have borne the load that she carried. She was a vital and integral part of our ministry, and my work through the years would have been impossible without her encouragement and support."
Ruth Bell Graham is survived by her husband Billy Graham; three daughters, Virginia, Anne Morrow, and Ruth Bell; and two sons, William Franklin III, and Nelson Edmanand; and19 grandchildren.
Ruth was born June 10, 1920, in Qingjiang, Kiangsu, China, the daughter of medical missionaries L. Nelson and Virginia Leftwich Bell. She first came to the United States at the age of 7, while her parents were on furlough. She returned to the U.S. at the age of 17 to attend Wheaton College in Wheaton, Ill., where she met Billy Graham.
Ruth Graham gave up dreams of missionary work in Tibet to marry a suitor who became the world's most renowned evangelist. She was considered her husband's closest confidant during his spectacular global career............ (

June 14, 2007
Mrs. Ruth Billy Graham entered into the glory:

Masvingo (Zimbabwe),
SVM News, June 13, 2007: Three pastors were arrested in Masvingo in Zimbabwe by the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) on Sunday, 10th June for distributing toys and sweets to the children.
Rev. Sonykis Chimbuya, Pastor Peter Bondai and Pastor Mugondi were the clergymen  detained and interrogated by state security agents for distributing playing and eating materials to the kids.
In a bizarre case highlighting deep levels of paranoia in government, the agents of the Central Intelligence Organisation accused the pastors that they distributed campaign material of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), which is Zimbabwe's biggest opposition party.
Pastor Peter Bondai and Mugondi were released after they were interrogated for more than three hours  while Pastor Chimbuya was kidnapped and dumped along the Masvingo-Great Zimbabwe highway hours after his arrest.
"We are living in constant fear after the harassment at the hands of the CIO agents," Rev. Sonykis Chimbuya said to the
Salem Voice Ministries (SVM) News Service............... (Continue)

June 13, 2007
Pastors Arrested for Giving Sweets to Children

Great Barrington (USA),
SVM News, June 11, 2007:The dinamic pastor of the Clinton AME Zion Church Rev. Esther Dozier, 65, stabbed to death in her Railroad Avenue home on Monday, the 11th of June., Her husband, Henry E. Dozier Sr., has been arrested and charged with her murder.
"Esther Dozier appears to have been stabbed multiple times. Her body was found early Monday morning," Police Chief William Walsh said.
Henry Dozier was spotted by Lenox Police as he was driving north on Route 7, and was arrested in the parking.
"He was taken to Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield, after telling police that he had ingested a poison substance," David Capeless, District Attorney of Berkshire County told to the Salem Voice Ministries (SVM) News Service.............. (

June 11, 2007
Woman Pastor Stabbed to Death in Great Barrington

Kottayam (Kerala in India),
SVM News, June 10, 2007: According the official reports, about 800,000 people in Kerala have been affected by viral fever and undergoing treatment in different government and private hospitals in the last three week till yesterday. The unofficial report says more than three million people affected by viral fever. 
Thousands upon thousands have been identified with mosquito-borne chikungunya fever. Denki fever, rat fever and Malaria also found.
Reports from Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha, Kottayam, Idukki and Ernakulam districts indicate that around 100 people have died due to high fever in the last three weeks.
Government was fighting hard to contain the spread of the epidemic in the State, V S Achuthanandan, Chief Minister of Kerala said.
With the viral fever spreading throughout the State and increase in number of cases each day, a cleanliness drive would be organised in the State for a week from June 12 to contain the spread of the epidemic. The Defence, police and various NGOs would be part of the drive, Mr Achuthanandan said.................  (

June 10, 2007
Millions affected viral fever in Kerala; Several dead

SVM News, June 9, 2007:  Sunny Thomas, 40, one of the Gospel workers of the Salem Voice Ministries severly beaten by Hindu radicals at Korom Pallithara at Payyannur in Kannur District on 6th of June.
Radicals under the leadership of Prasad, a neighbour, attacked Sunny on  Wednesday  night. Both of his hands were broken. Immediately he is admitted at Pariyaram Medical College hospital.
Police registered a case and started investigation.
Prasad and Sunny had a quarrel because water has been spread out at Prasad's land when Sunny pumped the motor.
Rev. Paul Ciniraj, the national president of the Christian Ministers of the Churches of India (CMCI) and the Director of the Salem Voice Ministries condemned the attack towards Sunny and the christian persecution of the entire nation.............. (

June 9, 2007
Christian worker severly beaten in Kerala

SVM News, June 7, 2007: Muslim extremists attacked two churches in the Dora district of Baghdad on Tuesday, the 5th of June. They killed security guards at one church and forcibly turned the other church into a mosque.
Several security guards were killed at St John the Baptist Church in Hay Al-Athoriyeen. St Jacob's Church in Hay al Asya was vandalized and forcibly turned into a mosque. St Jacob's Church had previously been attacked in October of 2004.
At the same time as the churches were being attacked, the funeral Mass for Chaldean Catholic Priest Father Ragheed Ganni, was being celebrated in Karamles by Archbishop Faraj Rahho of Mosul amidst tight security.
 Sarkis Aghajan, the minister of finance of the regional Kurdish government attended the service.
By this time some christian groups said to the Salem Voice Ministries (SVM) News Service that they demand an Assyrian region at the border with Kurdistan in Northern Iraq................ (

June 7, 2007
Church Converted into Mosque by Force

Augen Mar DionysiusKottayam (India),
SVM News, June 7, 2007:Augen Mar Dionysious, 52, one of the metropolitan's of the Indian Orthodox Syrian Church and the bishop of Idukki diocese, was killed in an accident at Kodungoor in between Kottayam and Thekkady in Kottayam District of Kerala in India at about 9 am on Wednesday, the 6th of June.
The metropolitan was proceeding to the bishop's house at Chakkupallom in Idukki from Vallikkatu Dayara (Monastery) at Vakathanam when his car collided with a private bus which was on its way from Mundakkayam to Kottayam, police sources said.
Augen Mar Dionysius was ordained as bishop on the month of March, 2005. He was the youngest of the Bishop's Council of the Indian orthodox Church.
Baselios Marthoma Dydimos I, the Catholicose of the East is the Supreme head of the Indian Orthodox Church. He is the 90th successor of St.Thomas, the Apostle of Jesus Christ............... (

June 7, 2007
Bishop of Indian Orthodox Church killed in accident

Simpson Simon and Sharon SimonMissouri City (USA),
SVM News, June 7, 2007: The bodies of Simpson Simon, 12, and Sharon Simon, 10, were discovered on the banks of Oyster Creek near Murphy Road in Missouri City on Saturday morning. The siblings, children of Simon Jacob and Cicily Thomas of Mudiyoorkunnel were reported missing on 1st of June, Friday night.
According to police reports, Simon Jacob was with the children at the family's home near the 4500 block of Shadow Briar when the children apparently decided to walk to a nearby Wal-Mart. Cicily Thomas discovered the children missing when she returned home from work at 9 p.m.
Missouri City police officers, along with officers and bloodhounds from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, were mobilized to search the area surrounding the home before the children's sandals were located near FM 1092.
Houston Police Department divers retrieved Sharon's body at 7:30 a.m. and Simpson's body was found 15 feet away five hours later. Foul play was not suspected, they said.
They are the immigrants from Mudiyoorkunnel House of Kuruppanthara at Kottayam in India. Recently they purchased the Missouri City home.................  (

June 7, 2007
Bodies of Indian Children found in Missouri City Creek

KUWAIT: "Freedom of religion in Kuwait is absolute and it's stated in our constitution. We are happy that we can practice our religion freely and we enjoy the support of the government," Reverend Pastor Emmanuel Ghareeb, a Kuwaiti pastor and a titular head of the National Evangelical Church in Kuwait told Kuwait Times yesterday on the issue on the alleged refusal of the Kuwaiti government to grant a permit to build a new church for Catholics in Hawally.
The Catholic Church was not available for comments when contacted by the Kuwait Times, but according to previous reports, it was the same application that was earlier rejected years back when other branches of the Christian faith applied for the same permit and were reportedly rejected.
The Roman Catholic Church has the biggest number of followers in Kuwait with parishioners hailing from India, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Egypt among others. They have churches in Ahmadi, Kuwait City and Salmiya but they believed the Hawally Church could benefit and serve more believers living in the vicinity and neighbouring areas........... (

June 6, 2007
Kuwaiti Pastor speaks on church rejection

Republic of Belarus,
SVM News, June 5, 2007: Antony Bokun, the pastor of the John the Baptist's Church in Dauginausky Trakt in Minsk was sentenced by the Central District Court to 3 days' arrest.
Pastor Antony Bokun was detained in his apartment when he was conducting worship service. He was brought to the militia department of the Central District of Minsk.
John the Baptist's Church is a Protestant Church, associated with United Church of Christians of the Evangelic Belief.
The law enforcement body participants declared that Antony Bokun conducted a religious service in his house on Sunday without special sanctions. It is to be mentioned that for the same reason he was detained 27 May. Then he was brought to the prison in Okrestina Street where he was kept until the trial. 28 May the Central District Court penalized the amount to the amount of $290 USDollars for the unsanctioned religious service.
"A police squad entered the house during what they described as an "unauthorized" religious service and arrested Pastor Bokun. The minister was brought to the Tsentralny district police department and then taken to the detention center on Akrestsina Street, where he was expected to spend the night. He is likely to stand trial on a charge of  organizing and conducting a religious meeting with permission on Monday", lawyer Syarhey Lukanin said to the Salem Voice Ministries (SVM) News Service.............. (

June 5, 2007
Pastor arrested second time for 3 days in Belarus:

SVM News, June 4, 2007: Muslim extremists vandalized a church in Indonesia during services, smashing images of Jesus Christ and demanding that it be closed down, the pastor said on Monday.
Dozens of churches have had to be closed in the Muslim-majority country in recent years, and Sunday's attack was the second on the small Protestant church in the West Java town of Soreang since 2005.
Reverend Robby Elisa, who heads the church, said around 100 hardliners attacked while Sunday school was in session. He said his wife was beaten and that at least four stained glass depictions of Jesus were smashed.
"They came and forced their way into the church," he said. "The attackers claimed to be from the Anti-Apostate Movement Alliance. The same group had already attacked the church in 2005."
The secretary of the church's headquarters in Jakarta, Reverend Budi Setiawan, said that the attack had been reported to the Indonesian Church Association (PGI).......... (

June 4, 2007
Muslim Extremists Stormed Church in Indonesia:

Fr. Ragheed GanniBaghdad,
SVM News, June 4, 2007: A Chaldean Catholic Priest Father Ragheed Ganni, 35, and three deacons, who were his assistants shot dead overnight of June 3 in northern Iraq.
The murder took place right after Sunday mass in front of the Holy Spirit Church in the Nur District of Mosul, where Father Ragheed Ganni was parish priest.
"They finished mass ... and the four of them got into the priest's car to drive away. After they had gone about 100m a car cut them off. Four armed men got out and shot them dead," Brigadier-General Mohammed al-Wagaa, police chief in the divided northern city of Mosul said to the Salem Voice Ministries (SVM) News Service.
The Catholic news agency AsiaNews told that hours later the bodies were still lying in the street because no one dared retrieve them. Given the situation tensions in the area remain high................. (

June 4, 2007
Chaldean Catholic Priest and three deacons shot dead in Iraq

Kulalumbur (Malaysia),
SVM News, June 1, 2007: The highest federal court of Malaysia in earlier this week refused to recognize the conversion of a Muslim-born woman to Christianity. The panel ruled 2-1 that the decision was beyond the secular court's discretion.
Lina Joy, 43, converted from Islam to Roman Catholic Church in 1998. Her troubles began shortly thereafter when she tried to change her religious affiliation on her national identification card. Because Islam requires adherents to marry within the faith, Joy would not be allowed to wed her Catholic fiancée if she was registered as a Muslim.
Government officials denied the request, forcing her to turn to the courts. The Boston Globe reports that the six-year battle for her most basic right, the right to believe, came to a close on Wednesday. Writing for the majority, Federal Court Chief Justice Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim admonished that Lina Joy can't at whim and fancy convert from one religion to another….... She must follow rules.
Justice Richard Malanjum, the panel's lone non-Muslim, protested that Joy's "fundamental constitutional right of freedom of religion" had been denied. Malaysia's constitution is conflicted on church-state relations because it simultaneously establishes Islam as the official religion and defends free exercise of other religions.
Her options have to be faced before the Islamic Sharia court or flee the country, 
Salem Voice Ministries (SVM) News Service learnt from the majority. She could face fines, imprisonment or execution if she goes before the Islamic tribunal........... (Continue)

June 1, 2007
Malaysian High Court Denied Woman's Conversion to Christianity:

Freedom of Religion Bills Against Christianity: Nagaland CM
57 old Dalit brutally persecuted by Police in Kerala
Priest shot and injured seriously in New Delhi
51 year old Christian Doctor and wife attacked in Kerala
FMPB Missionaries Attacked by VHP Activists
Marthoma Church and believers attacked in Karnataka
Christoppara Mission of Salem Voice Ministries Attacked
Underground Church Member Beheaded in J&K
Converted Christian was locked up in a cellar for 17 days
Officials Locked the Church Against Singing Songs
Evangelists of the SVM beaten up by Fundamentalists
SVM Evangelist says, "Lord Jesus fight for His children"
Gospel Center vandalized in Kerala
SVM Missionary attacked (leg broken) in Kashmir
Boat drowned; 18 school children killed in Kerala
Suspect Extremists Behind Stanley's Murder in Kerala
"Maramon Convention" Asia's Largest Gospel Gathering
58 year old Christian brutally murdered in Kerala
Four Americans attend Christian conference attacked
Masked Mob Attacked Christian Prayer Meet in Bihar
Persecution harder; but saved souls bring great joy:
Severe Persecution of various places
Hindu Militants Burnt Church in Orissa
Pastor and believers attacked and arrested on Christmas
Catholic Arch Bishop, Priests and a Pentacostal Church attacked
Persecuting and Brutally Murdering Christians
Police Helped Radicals to Close Worship Centers in India
Convent was attacked in Mysore
Church Worker Knifed to Death in the Premises
SDA Preacher Attacked in Haryana
AG Church damaged in Alappuza in Kerala
Evangelist Shot Dead in Jammu and Kashmir
Young Pastor Jailed in Orissa for Prayed over a Sick
Christian School Ransaked in Bangalore  
Christians Ask Urgent Security to Churches
Protection sought for Christians in Karnataka
Pastor brutally Murdered in Andhra Pradesh
Pastor Survives suspected murder attempt in Kottayam in Kerala
Pastors attacked preventing child prostitution in Rajasthan
Villagers beat christians, burn down prayer hall in Thiruvanandapuram
Widows' Village in Orissa
Orphans Necked out from the Orphanage in Karnataka
Evangelists injured in Mumbai Bomb Blast
Protesting Against the Da Vinci Code in Andhra Pradesh
Christians under severe persecution in Thiruvanandapuram
National Conference of Persecuted Christians in Bangalore
Pentecostal Church Burned by Hindu Radicals in Madhya Pradesh 
Wow ! What an Incredible Miracle !
Parents of missing four year Madeleine believe she is safe
Pastor shot dead in Trinidad while Praying
Indonesian Muslim Ulemas forcely close down home church
Pastor kidnapped, murdered and buried in South Africa
US Baptist and Methodist Missionaries Killed in Honduras
Lebanese Christian Leader Samir Geagea Is Attacked
Palestinian Authority seized Gaza Baptist Church
Indonesian Churches Urge Government to Stop Persecution
Aid women killed in Nairobi were Prsbyterian Missionaries
CARE Regional Director and two US Aid Workers Killed in Nairobi
Church Stoned and Damaged in Northern Turkey
Church Attacked in Somalia; Five Killed and Four Injured
Baptist Pastor and Radio Presenter Shot Dead in South Africa
Pak High Court ruled Church in Muslim Institution not Un-Islamic
Difficult for Christians to Survive in the Middle East
Russian Priest Brutally Murdered on Orthodox Christmas Eve
16 Tamil Civilian Christians Killed by Bombing in Sri Lanka
Police Fired Gas Bombs During Church Service in Sudan
All the Staff of a Church Killed in Iraq
Converted Christians in Morocco Need Prayers
Priest, wife and three children burnt alive in Russia
Anglican Priest Killed in Uganda
Church of the Nazarene Attacked in Pakistan
Pastor Habel of At Anycost Jesus Mission Missing
Priest Missing in Baghdad; feared kidnapped
Brazilian Missionary Murdered in East Timor 
Christian brick maker sold kidney to feed family in Pakistan
Teenager Knifed to Death in London
Anglican Priest brutally murdered in Jamaica
Long Term Pakistan Christian Prisoner Released
Lutheran Pastor Couple Killed in El Salvador
Brazilian Priest & Portugese Nun Killed in Mozambique
Assyrian Genocide Victims Discovery In Turkey  
Three Muslims Charged For Beheading Schoolgirls in Indonesia
Pakistani Militants Killed Missionary & Believer Alleged as US Spies
Christian Converts Accused in Turkey
73 year old Pastor burns himself in Islam protest in Germany
Churches Destroyed in Palestine 
Growing violence against Christians in Iraq
Assiriyan Christian boy beheaded in Iraq 
Christian Convert from Islam Jailed in Egypt
Pauline Mehabooba also found murdered
Body of Missionary found 
Protestant Leader Assassinated In Indonesia 
Missionary's children brutally murdered
Muslim Convert to Christianity Murdered in Somalia
Religious Intolerance Growing in Pakistan
Gospel to Muslims:
Center for Persecuted Christians:

 Persecuted Church in India

Thousands protest against Christian Persecution

 Global Persecuted Church

Couple and son stabbed to death in Lancaster

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