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Pastors Killed in Uganda and Eastern Cape
Entebbe (Uganda), SVM News, 2 January, 2007: A pentecostal christian pastor from Denmark was beaten to death in Entebbe in Uganda on Friday night, the 29th of December, 2006.
Pastor George Hilby Lukonge was beaten to death by thugs a few meters away from his residence at Kitubulu in Entebbe. The New Year turned distant for him, when the thugs who had apparently waylaid him grabbed him.
Another pastor of Eastern Cape named Berrington Madaza (41) murdered in an apparent car hijacking on 25th of December at Tsolo in Umtata.
George Hilby Lukonge is a pastor with a Pentecostal Church in Kansanga in Uganda, was returning home when he was attacked.
His body was discovered by the neighbour on Saturday morning.
Murderers also stole property from his home. It is suspected the thugs got the keys from his pockets after the attack as there were no signs of a break-in.
Entebbe Police Criminal Investigation Department chief Stanley Owor said: “They hit him on the head with a big stick. He had a big wound on the head and was lying in a pool of blood a few meters from the house.”
Pastor Lukonge stayed alone as his family lives in Denmark.
The LC1 chairman, Adam Agada, said the pastor had just moved into the area.
Eastern Cape Pastor Berrington Madaza was forced into the boot of his car in Umtata by two men. His damaged car was later found abandoned near a hotel. Nondumiso Jafta, a police spokesperson, said.
Police have found a pistol in the car and it will be sent for ballistic testing. Pastor Madaza sustained a single bullet wound.
Pastor Paul Ciniraj
Salem Voice Ministries

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