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Rehabilitation Center for the Persecuted Christians

Several people in christian nations were stunned when Abdul Rahman of Afghanistan was nearly sentenced to death for converting to Christianity. But his case is literally the tip of the iceberg.
Christians face persecution and death in many countries today.  In fact, in the last 100 years more Christians have been martyred for their faith than in the past 1900 years - combined.  And the persecution of Christians is getting worse; far worse.
Rev. Paul Ciniraj praying for the widows of the martyrs at the annual prayer fellowship of the persecuted christians held in Bangalore by the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC). There are eight widows seen in this picture. Their husbands were pastors and all were brutaly murdered by the radicals during the year of 2006. Dr. Sajan George, the President of GCIC also seen in the picture.
It is to be informed, know how to pray and take action on behalf of today's Persecuted Church around the world. Christians face growing persecution in Indonesia, India, Burma, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Laos, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Pakistan, UAE, and many other countries.  Tragically, in most cases, the persecution of Christians is seldom, if ever, reported by the mainstream media.
The Salem Voice Ministries is an evangelistic, inter-denominational organization dedicated to reach the Gospel to the Muslims as well as Hindus and the third world for helping persecuted Christians on the front lines. Rev. Paul Ciniraj, Director of the Salem Voice Ministries was a muslim by birth, accepted Lord Jesus as his Personal Saviour and called for the ministry of our Lord about 32 years ago. Several times he and his family were attempted to death and still facing the persecutions. That is the reason, Salem Voice Ministries provides direct aid and advocacy for suffering Christians on the front lines in areas of intense persecution. It is helping fellow believers in the worst places in the third world. 
Pastor  brutaly murdered. His widow is in the above picture (blue coloured)

Salem Voice Ministries have a great vision to establish a Cross Cultural Training and Rehabilitation Center for the Persecuted Christians. We owned a plot of around 10,000 square feet at Kalloor in Trivandrum District in South India for the proposed Rehabilitation Center.  The site is situated at the heart of Kalloor and it is a corner plot of the main raod (main road goes by the two side of the road). Also it is just opposite of the Kalloor Government School.
Kalloor is a muslim dominated area of around 4000 families. Most of the people are fanatics. Even though there are many people, especially youngsters and women eager to learn more about Jesus and His Salvation. By the grace of God we can win many souls unto the fold of Jesus Christ by the help of the Holy Spirit from Muslim Community within a short period. That is the reason we pray and plan to establish a Cross Cultural Training Center. It is meant for teaching the Bible to the new believers and train them for the evangelism. Also it is indeed an essential need to have a Rehabilitation Center for the Persecuted Christians as well as a Nursing Home according the present persecutions and hardships towards Christians in India. This Center will give hospitality and nursing care for any of the christian believers in India and the third world who are being persecuted and torturing for the cause of christian faith.
Oh! My Lord has protected me in His hands. (a recent attack to Paul Ciniraj; his leg was broken).
First stage of our plan is to have a three stored builiding immediately with a Prayer Hall, two Class Rooms, an Office Room, a Reception Hall and a Security Cabin at the ground floor. 10 rooms for 20 Bible students of the Cross Cultural Center and 6 rooms for rehabilitating persecuted christians (total 16 rooms), a dining room and a kitchen at the first floor. Three seperate apartments with two rooms, sitout, dining cum drawing hall and a kitchen for the staff at the second floor.
The cost of the building construction will be approximately 150,000 U.K Pounds or in U.S Dollars 275,000. In Indian Rupees 1 Crore and 20 Lakh.

Second stage of our plan is to have a Nursing Center with 300 bed for giving more care and full treatment for the persecuted christians in India.
We humbly seek prayers, kind consideration and needed supports from the children of God.

Rights reserved by Salem Voice Ministries, Devalokam, Kottayam, Kerala-686038, India.

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