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Christian leader and Campaigner attacked in Madhya Pradesh
Reva (Madhya Pradesh in India), SVM News, July 2, 2007: Pastor Amos Singh, 52, a famous campaigner and Christian leader from Madhya Pradesh was attacked by Bajrang Dal activists on July 2.

Pastor Amos Singh
Around 45 Bajrang Dal activists of a Hindu militant group attacked Pastor Amos Singh and his wife as they were ministering in Reva in Madhya Pradesh in an Evangelical Church around 1:00 pm on Monday.
Pastor was taking rest in his room when the militants came to attack him. The attackers forcely entered into the campus of the Church and broken the door of his room and opened it. Then they started beating him with iron rods and steel pipes and assaulted him with knives.
His wife tried to rescue him, but got a cut by knife on her cheek. They put the knife on her throat and said we will kill you.

"The attackers beaten up the church members also who had gathered for prayer service," a member of the church said to the Salem Voice Ministries (SVM) News Service.

Six people, including two pastors Prem Masih and Rampal  and a woman also were beaten and seriously injured. The woman's head was cut open as a result of the beatings. Police taken the victims to the hospital, but no FIR was registered.

The attack took place suddenly and Christians were caught unaware, but local Christian leaders are saying that it was a well planned move by the Hindu fundamentalists.
Pastor Amos Singh and his wife originally from Balaghat.

Rev. Paul Ciniraj, national president of the Christian Ministers of the Churches of india (CMCI) and the Director of the Salem Voice Ministries condemned the attack towards a Christian leader and Capaigner Pastor Amos Sing and his co-pastors and christian believers.  "Christian persecution is increasing in India day by day and the central and state governments are becoming failure to stop it," Paul Ciniraj said. "It is not good. Governments have responsibility to protect the lives and properties of christians as well as all of the minority communities," he added.

Pastor Israel and his wife from Bhilai in Chhattisgarh State were also attacked and beaten up mercilessly by the Hindutva goons on Sunday, 1st of July.
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